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ADHD can present in young children

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a brain disorder marked by ongoing inattention and/or hyperactivity that interferes with functioning or development. Some people have impairment in one area and others in both. The area of impairment, level of impairment, and symptoms of ADHD can change over time. ADHD can present in children as young as age 3 and symptoms can be falsely mistaken for emotional or behavioral problems rather than a brain based condition that can respond to treatment. Adolescents with ADHD can also struggle with social relationships, impairment in extracurricular activities, and antisocial behaviors such as substance abuse, theft, vandalism, and aggression.

Learning differences can also co-occur with ADHD further impacting one’s functioning in school or work but can also be mistaken for ADHD without proper evaluation.

ADHD Learning Disorders Arman Taghizadeh MD Baltimore Psychiatrist

Working with a psychiatrist can help ensure appropriate treatment

Diagnosis and subsequent treatment of ADHD and learning differences requires a comprehensive evaluation of a licensed clinician such as a pediatrician, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Given the variety of medication options and potential risks/and side effects associated with them, working with a psychiatrist can help ensure that appropriate treatment is considered.

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